Lebanese Marine Agency




Sidon Port:

(5 berths) + 1 berth with Max. Draft 8 metres
Dry cargo port
Maximum draught: 15 feet

Zahrani Terminals:

They operate under Sidon Port Authority and Customs Authorities

/Pilot Station/Harbour Master. There are 2 (Two) Terminals,

being as follows:-

  • Zahrani Oil Installations: Maximum Draft - 15M

          Operations - Discharge Only

  • Zahrani Power Plant: Maximum Draft - 15M

           Operations - Discharge Only


Beirut Port:

Beirut dry cargo port offers deep water quays and entrance channels,

 with a maximum draft of 13 metres and 16 metres respectively.

Vessels up to 60,000 DWT can be received and up to 25 ships can

be accommodated at a time. Beirut port is equipped with grain

capacity: 120.000 tons) and warehouses, and the port company

inaugurated in 2000 the new Port and Customs Administration Complex.


Tripoli Port:

Dry cargo port
Maximum draught: 22.06 feet


Jounieh Port:

Tourist port Situated 15 miles north of Beirut Managed by Jounieh

Port Authority.


Chekka Port:

Dry cargo port, 2 quays:

  • 1st quay: Length - 40 metres; water depth -30/31 feet at pier

              draught - 28 feet

  • 2nd quay: Length - 45 metres; water depth -30/31 feet at pier

                draught - 27 feet



Amchit is situated North of Beirut. Discharge of Clean Oil Products.
There are 2 (Two) Terminals in Amchit, same as follows:-

  • IPT Terminal : Max Draft - 12.70M; Ops - Discharge Only
  • Universal Gas Terminal: Max Draft - 12.70M; Ops -

             Discharge Only


Dora Terminals:

There are 8(Eight) Private Terminals at Dora (2-5 Miles North

of Beirut Port) all of which are under the jurisdiction of Beirut

Port Authority.

  • Medco Terminal: Maximum Draft - 10.50M ; Operations -

          Discharge Only

  • MPC Terminal: Maximum Draft - 11M ; Operations -

          Discharge Only

  • Jirco Terminal: Maximum Draft - 9M ; Operations -

          Discharge Only (Closed)

  • Coral Oil Terminal: Maximum Draft - 10M; Operations -

          Discharge Only

  • Wardieh Terminal : There are 2 (Two) Berths, Berth 1 &

        Berth 2 Berth 1: Maximum Draft 12M; Operations -

        Discharge Only Berth 2: Maximum Draft 9M; Operations -

       Discharge Only

  • Uniterminals Terminal: Max Draft 13.50M; Operations -

          Discharge Only

  • Gas Liban Terminal : Maximum Draft 8M; Operations -

         Discharge Only

  • Total Terminal : Max Draft 11M ; Operations -

        Discharge Only


Zouk Terminal:

Zouk Terminal is situated 10 Miles North of Beirut and 5 Miles South

of Jounieh. It operates under Independent Customs Authorities/

Independent Pilot Station, but is managed by Beirut Port Authority/

Harbour Master. There is 1 (One) Terminal, being:-

Zouk EDL Power Station Terminal:

  • Max Draft - 12.50M
  • Operations - Discharge Only

Selaata-Ras Selaata Terminal:

  • Maximum draught -15 metres
  • Operations -discharge only


Tripoli Terminals:

  There are 4 (Four) Terminals:-

  • Tripoli Oil Installations: Situated 5 Miles North of Tripoli Port.

         Discharge of Petroleum Products. Maximum Draft - 20M

          (Open Sea) Operations - Discharge Only

  • Falcon Terminal: Discharge of Mogas Maximum Draft -

        8M Operations - Discharge Only

  • Apec Terminal: Discharge of Mogas Maximum Draft -

         9M Operations - Discharge Only

  • Deir Ammar Power Plant: Discharge of Petroleum Products

         Maximum Draft - 25M Operations - Discharge Only


Jieh Terminals:

Situated 25 Miles South of Beirut Port, they operate under an

Independent Customs Authorities/Independent Pilot Station,

but are managed under Beirut Port Authority/Harbour Master.

 There are 2 (Two) Terminals, as follows:-

  • Levant Oil/Cogico Terminal: Maximum Draft - 9.50M

          Operations - Discharge Only